Voter Education Committee – About Us

Mission Statement

Organize programs and events to educate community on the importance of voting, how and where to vote. Hold candidate forums in various chapter locations to present options for the community. Organize Get Out The Vote activities to register new voters and to encourage voting. Organize transportation for seniors to vote at appropriate polling locations. Encourage young Asians to be involved and responsible in their civic duties such as voting, volunteering for campaigns or serve as election judges. Identify Asian candidates to run for State and Local positions. Assist in their campaigns. Become members of the local chapters of League of Women Voters. Hold workshops on the democratic process, voting in state, local and national primaries, and general elections.

We don’t recommend or support any political candidates. We sponsor many meet candidates forums and new voter drives. We try to eliminate any fear that citizens have about the voting process. We provide the opportunity for citizens to ask questions of the candidates and to join our democratic process. We hope to generate a spirit of enthusiasm for the voting process. It is only through the voting process that we maintain our freedoms.


  • Sammy Yang
  • Edward Yu
  • Jessica Yang